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NHC invites many senior professionals to host workshops and share their insights about the financial industry on a regular basis. We believe these workshops will not only provide great learning opportunities, but also create another networking platform to our members.

Fund Accounting Class

In July 2017, HNC host three sessions of Fund Accounting Class which gives the audience a broader and deeper understanding of the fund market, and insights of fund accountant position, also, covers a systematic vision on NAV package structure, transaction capturing and its portfolio calculation…

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Anti Money Laundering Class

The first session of Anti Money Laundering (AML) class was held in May 2017.  The presentation covered the AML industry overview, introduction of job agencies, and the explanation terminology which gave the audience a broader and deeper understanding and insights of AML analyst position…

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Retail Banking Workshop

Retail Banking workshop is one of the most traditional class and it is held by experienced advisor which helps students to decide their career path, edit their resume, practicing interview performance. It has 3 sections: networking, resume, mock interview…

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Skills Improvement Series

NHC would to host some series focused on improve job related skills to help participants become more qualified with job requirements. Such as Data Science Talk in which professionals with excellent data analysis skills share their experience in applications of these skills…

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New Horizon Career Club