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NHC Mentorship Program strives to provide the opportunity for young professionals to learn about the industry experience from senior professionals to enhance the former’s professional career development by One-to-one mentor to mentee pairing and Peer sharing among mentees.

The program works by:

  •  Selecting mentees from Career Development Series (CDS)’s outstanding cohort and other NHC outstanding candidates
  •  Providing mentees with additional training and resources based on specific career target, including networking techniques, interview support, resume improvement
  •  Mentees are required to set up in-person meetings with mentors on fixed frequency and share experience thereafter among other mentees in private group

By being a mentee, you gain:

  •  Insightful communication from an industry professional and, someone who has once been in your shoes
  •  Networking skills and industry resources that ultimately help you to be successful in your career
  •  The opportunity to potentially become a mentor in the future

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