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The New Horizon Career Club is a registered non-profit organization founded in Toronto since 2013; it is also a tight-knit community that provides superior mentorship for students and young professionals to help them develop their careers. We empower all stakeholders (students, facilitators/volunteers, and advisors) to gain crucial knowledge and build key skills so they can find success in their careers and enjoy their NHC experience.

Since 2013, NHC has played a key role in helping countless students & professionals in advancing their careers. Consistent with our goal of providing superior mentorship for students, we are excited to improve our various events to deliver better outcomes for all participants. These events will allow students (you!) to learn even more about what you need to do in your careers! Students will also benefit from NHC’s on-going mentorship through our CDS, Industry Salon, Job related workshop and other exclusive activities.

In the past year, NHC also launched in Beijing and Shenzhen, aiming to impact more people and create more opportunities for the future. NHC is much more than a career service. Many mentors were once students, and we want you to be part of our community

New Horizon Career Club