Industry Salon

NHC has successfully hosted several industry salons which provide students learning opportunities in industry trends and deepen understand of how different functions operate.

Capital Market Salon

A series of sessions designed to to learn about key areas within the capital markets from experienced industry professionals. Each session will feature a keynote presentation in which the speaker will share his or her personal journey and some important factors to consider for a successful career in the capital markets. The keynote presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and an opportunity to network with peers and industry professionals…

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Treasury Salon

NHC invites industry professionals working in different institutions to share a day in life and discuss about skills requirements for Treasury function. The three sessions would show you a big picture of treasury and knowledge of daily operations, general responsibilities of Treasury department ….

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Risk Salon

Risk Salon is a series of speaker events that brings in the industry veterans in the risk management field within the financial service sector. This series gather risk professionals from Toronto’s financial community to showcase in-depth knowledge and latest trends in risk management.

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