2017 AML Class Review

2017 AML Class Review

The first session of NHC Anti Money Laundering (AML) class was held in University of Toronto on May 25th 2017. The presentation was distributed by Peter M. Su, who is an expert in Anti-money laundering with more than 3 years working experience in BMO.

The presentation covered four parts, started from the AML industry overview, followed by introduction of job agencies, and the explanation of AML’s terminology, and ended by the AML analyst job description.

To begin with, Peter gave us an introduction of the AML industry, which included the job titles in the market: client onboarding analyst, KYC analyst, due diligence analyst, AML&CDD analyst, AML Investigator, and AML compliance officer.

In addition, Peter provided a list of the job agencies which he familiar with. He shared not only his own experience with us, but also the skills about how to negotiate with each agency. After his explanations, we learned how to get a job offer with agencies’ help.

On the second half of the class, Peter started to explain some terminologies in his daily AML work. Peter distributed clearly and vivid examples for each terminology, students learned a lot of AML working knowledge from the class.

In the end, Peter gave a brief description of his daily work, and also leaded us to do some case study which let us have a better understanding of the job responsibility.

To summarize, the first AML session gave the audience a broader and deeper understanding of Anti-money laundering, and insights of AML analyst position.

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