Python Salon Review
Special thanks to NHC Data Analytics Team volunteers for organizing the event: Tony Gong, Nicholas Li, Sara Lin and Wayne Ju.
On September 25th, we have successfully finished the last session of our NHC Python Salon that lasted over the past several weeks. NHC was honored to invite Jianxing Zhang to teach us the importance of Python across many industries, as well as giving excellent lectures on the basic Python interface and coding. With his detailed lecture notes, examples and questions, we are able to demonstrate the class content right away into practice. He was always open to questions and patient to answer each one of them.For those who did not have the chance to attend, we have provided a summary of each session below. If you are interested in any of these topics, please stay tuned for our future events.

– Class One –
The goal is to give a brief introduction of Python and some of the basic knowledge that people should know before coding anything, which includes:

  • Basic variable types, such as string, integer and float, as well as the transformation between each type.
  • Boolean variable (True or False) and applying that into an if statement.
  • Assigning value to any variables.

– Class Two-
This class introduced some more advanced level knowledge such as List, While Loop and For Loop

  • Creating a new list and modifying the element within that list (e.g. insert or remove elements, combine two lists into one, print a specific element inside a list, etc.).
  • Using While Loop and For Loop to iterate through list.
  • Creating a new function with user-defined input.

– Class Three-

The last class focused on how Python can be used in day-to-day tasks, things like reading an excel file and visualization of data.

  • Creating a new class to store data as instance variable, and create instance method to access these data. Data can also be stored as static variable and accessed by creating static method.
  • Reading data from csv file using open function, and use Pandas library to prepare the data for further analysis.
  • Using Matplotlib and Seaborn library to visualization scalar data.

We would like to thank again our speaker Jianxing Zhang for preparing and sharing his knowledge on the fundamentals of Python. We’d also like to thank the audience for their participation. We hope for those who have attended the session could benefit from this learning opportunity and hopefully grow more interest in the Python and any other programming languages.

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