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“The Positively Intelligent Leader” Workshop Review

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On the afternoon of October 13, the NHC Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) presents a very special session – a workshop on the topic “The Positively Intelligent Leader”.

Timothy Fong
Managing Director at OSFI
We were honoured to have Mr. Timothy Fong, Managing Director at OSFI as our speaker. Mr. Timothy Fong had a Master’s degree in Mathematical Finance from the University of Toronto and a certificate in Financial Asset Management and Engineering from the University of Lausanne. He is currently the Canadian representative on the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision’s Trading Book Groups and also an instructor at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies responsible for financial trading and risk management courses. He was a recipient of the school’s “Excellence in Teaching Award” in 2008 and a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for significant contribution to Canada through personal and professional achievements in 2013.

After teaching a class in the morning, our speaker, Timothy Fong, impressed all the workshop participants with his passion and energy about the importance of positive intelligence. He was very approachable, engaging, humorous and wise. He was able to remember all the participants’ names shortly after the workshop had started. In the beginning of the workshop, he and all the participants made a self introduction with the aid of 5 (some people collaged more pictures ) pictures in a Pecha Kucha style. These pictures helped reveal a person’s background, interests, hobbies and even personality and made all the people around the table familiar with each other within minutes.

In the workshop, Timothy introduced his 4 stages of life model, talked about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Cultural Differences – West vs. East and concepts of 4Qs: IQ Intelligence Quotient, EQ Emotional Quotient (which includes Behavioral Quotient), PQ Positivity Quotient (or Adversity Quotient) and LQ Love Quotient. He shared findings from the positive emotion research, how positive relationships with others improve one’s physiological experience, how positivity and hope bring satisfaction and productivity, and how positivity affects one’s career and life in all possible ways. He shared with us his life stories, rich and unique experiences without reservation, which were really inspiring and thought-provoking.

The entire workshop was very interesting, engaging and interactive. Besides the introduction section, there were also group exercises, case studies, break and networking session. The participants benefited a lot from the workshop and learnt from Timothy and other participants’ experiences in the application of Positive Quotient (PQ) to improve one’s well-being and leadership effectiveness, how to improve one’s ability to influence and motivate others, and how to become more resilient and more fulfilled.

The participants thought highly of Timothy as a great leader and a wonderful person. They provided sincere feedbacks about the workshop and shared thoughts provoked by the workshop. Just one workshop, everyone was able to connect on a deep emotional level with each other, and more interestingly, the participants could not even wait to plan for the next social event to reconnect!

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